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What are the performances of ammonia poisoning?

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Ammonia is an aqueous solution in which gaseous ammonia is dissolved in water. The product is a colorless liquid, which is a weakly alkaline, volatile, non-flammable, non-explosive liquid. It has a strong pungent odor and can cause corrosive and asphyxiating effects on the human body like ammonia. It can react with acidic substances and metals such as copper and zinc. It is often used as a raw material for dye, pharmaceutical and chemical production; it can also be used as a nitrogen fertilizer. Under normal conditions, ammonia separated from aqueous ammonia has a strong odor, toxicity, burning and explosion hazard. Ammonia has a strong and significant stimulating effect. The relative density is less than 1, and the higher the concentration, the smaller the relative density. Ammonia poisoning is more common in rural areas because it is one of the widely used fertilizers.

1. Ammonia water splashed into the eyes, should be washed repeatedly with normal saline, and then dropped into the chloramphenicol eye drops, still need to ask the doctor for emergency treatment and treatment.
2, once the ammonia stains the skin, first rinse with water or 2% vinegar; if the skin appears red and swollen, blisters, can be washed with 2% vinegar; if the skin appears red and swollen, blisters, 2% boric acid can be used Liquid wet compress. The nasal mucosa is strongly stimulated, and 1% of the ephedrine solution can be instilled. In severe cases, chymotrypsin should be inhaled.
3, found that ammonia inhalation poisoning (recurring respiratory, eye, nose, skin and mucous membranes, with cough, runny, itching, shortness of breath, cyanosis, irritability and other symptoms), should let him quickly leave the scene, and Remove clothing and pants contaminated with ammonia water; take 50-100 ml of oral vinegar, and take vitamin C 50 mg three times a day. If symptoms such as throat infarction or emphysema occur, you should consult a doctor for emergency treatment to avoid accidents.

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