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Compound fertilizer urea ice fire two days

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In mid-June, all parts of the country entered high temperature weather, but the compound fertilizer market was cold in the end, and the urea market was counter-inverted, which was quite different from the compound fertilizer's light market. Why is this year's fertilizer market so unusual?

First, the demand for compound fertilizer is gradually entering the off-season. In mid-June, the demand for summer corn fertilizer base fertilizer has come to an end, and the demand for fertilizer in autumn has not yet started. The demand for compound fertilizer has gradually entered the off-season in the first half of the year. Most enterprises have stopped their shipments and the operating rate of enterprises has been decreasing. Up to now, large-scale compound fertilizer enterprises have been reduced. The operating rate has dropped to around 38%, and companies are mostly based on inventory. On the one hand, the market demand is decreasing. In the first half of the year, the compound fertilizer enterprises are under heavy pressure. It is understood that the sales volume of most enterprises has decreased compared with previous years. On the other hand, the cost of raw materials is increasing, and the company's quotation is subject to demand and stable. In the weaker middle, the profits of compound fertilizer enterprises are continuously squeezed. Therefore, most of the compound fertilizer enterprises still maintain a stable quotation at the time of demand, and it is not a strong inventory policy. The summer fertilizer demand for compound fertilizer this year is ending in cold and clear.

Secondly, the urea was thrown back to the carbine, which made people unprepared. The market situation in the northeast region has already ended early. The demand space in the latter part of the market will not be too large. However, since the summer, there has been no rain in the northeast and central parts of the Central Plains. Most of the hillsides cannot be irrigated by irrigated land. The corn has been planted, but the fertilizer has been delayed due to the weather drought. At the same time, the low corn mining rate has led to the recent corn fertilizer market, and the price of small granular urea in Shandong and other rivers has climbed to 1560-1600. / ton or so. In addition, the urea market fell sharply last year, most of the dealers did not dare to reserve a large amount of reserves, so that after the full-scale start-up of the fertilizer market this year, the supply of goods has become tense. The retail price of small granular urea in Heilongjiang has reached 2,100 yuan / ton. Around, the retail price of large-grain urea also rose by 100 yuan / ton to 1,800 yuan / ton, and even the purchase of urea in some areas is very difficult, began to use urea-ammonium fertilizer as a top dressing. The demand for the topdressing market in the Central Plains region will last until the end of June. It is expected that urea will remain at the current tight market before the end of June.

Finally, in the face of the popularity of the urea market, the compound fertilizer can only remain on the sidelines in calmness. After all, the demand in the first half of the year is coming to an end, and the company plans to prepare for the production of autumn fertilizer after a short overhaul, keeping close attention to the current raw material market. , ready to purchase raw materials; and the small universe of urea will continue until the end of June, because the demand for topdressing in some areas can be until the end of June, but the demand for topdressing in some areas has recently been exhausted, urea prices have been slightly turbulent, so short-term operation is feasible Act of.

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